A Review of both SMS API functions


Why to choose Web API ?

1. If we need a Web Service then ASP.Net Web API is best choice.
2. It is used to build simple, non-SOAP-based HTTP Services on top of existing WCF message pipeline.
3. It doesn’t have tedious and extensive configuration like WCF REST service.
4. Simple service creation with Web API. (SMPP, service creation is difficult)
5. It is only based on HTTP and easy to define, expose and consume in a REST-ful way.
6. It is light weight architecture and good for devices which have limited bandwidth like smart phones.
7. It is open source.

SMPP solution is better suited to corporate brands with high volume bulk SMS requirements. SMPP is a TCP/IP based protocol that is more commonly used when connecting to mobile operators and service providers. The primary benefit of this protocol over a plain GSM modem is speed and overall capacity.

There is not really a hardware requirement. There is a service provider requirement, as you need to connecting to an SMS service provider using the SMPP protocol.

Messages sent over SMPP are routed directly to and from the wireless service provider over a secure private network. Most major wireless service providers can provide confirmation of message delivery.

The greatest benefit to SMPP is the fact that messages are two-way, enabling mobile phone subscribers to respond to the messages you send them. SMPP also supports the ability to schedule the message delivery date and time among other functions.

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