SMSC Labs Test Tool

SMSC Labs, an innovative test tool designed to provide unparalleled insight into the delivery of your SMS routes. With SMSC Labs, you can effortlessly track essential metrics like delivery speed, content accuracy, and even detect fake delivery reports, ensuring the integrity of your messaging system.

Verify the delivery of your test message by sending it to our designated local test numbers. Then, cross-reference the actual receipt status from your handset with the delivery report provided by your SMS gateway supplier. This process helps pinpoint any discrepancies, ensuring accurate detection of fake delivery reports and facilitating the optimization of SMS traffic routing.

Combat fake delivery reports effectively by detecting discrepancies between your supplier’s delivery reports (DLRs) and the authentic delivery status observed from our local test numbers.

Evaluate the genuine attributes of your SMS routes by examining the content delivered to our mobile test number. This process enables swift detection of any alterations to sender IDs or message content, ensuring transparency and accuracy in your messaging system.

SMSC Labs Test Tool

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